The Parallelograms


To coincide the release of Pop The Bubbles on Atomic Beat Records (see records), we have decided to release the game that inspired it. This is a game I wrote for my young son, Ralph, to play as all the games I had on my computer required you to do something instantly or die and by the time he'd worked out which button to press, the game was over. So I decided to write a space invaders style game for him were the enemies didn't fight back. One of his favourite activities at the time was popping bubbles and that became the theme of the game.

The game was written for GNU/Linux using the curses library. You'll need both of these on you computer and a compiler (for example gcc). Download the source code from the link below, open a command line, change to the directory where you downloaded it to and type "gcc -o popthebubbles popthebubbles.c -lcurses". You should then be able to run it by typing "./popthebubbles".


This program is free software released under the GNU Public License which basically means you can copy and/or modify the program as long as you pass on the same rights to whoever you give it to.


Pop the bubbles screenshot Pop the bubbles screenshot Pop the bubbles screenshot Pop the bubbles screenshot